Source code for burnman.calibrants.Decker_1971

# This file is part of BurnMan - a thermoelastic and thermodynamic toolkit for
# the Earth and Planetary Sciences
# Copyright (C) 2012 - 2022 by the BurnMan team, released under the GNU
# GPL v2 or later.


import numpy as np
from ..eos.birch_murnaghan import birch_murnaghan
from ..eos import MGD2
from ..eos import debye
from ..classes.calibrant import Calibrant

[docs]class NaCl_B1(Calibrant): """ The NaCl (B1 structured) pressure standard reported by Decker (1971). Note: This calibrant is not exactly the same as that proposed by Decker. The cold compression curve has here been approximated by a Birch-Murnaghan EoS. TODO: Make the calibrant exactly match that published by Decker. """ def __init__(self): def _pressure_Decker_NaCl(volume, temperature, params): p300 = birch_murnaghan(params['V_0'] / volume, params) grueneisen = MGD2._grueneisen_parameter(0., params['V_0'] / volume, params) Debye_T = params['Debye_0'] * np.exp((params['grueneisen_0'] - grueneisen) / params['q_0']) Eqh = debye.thermal_energy(temperature, Debye_T, params['n']) EqhR = debye.thermal_energy(params['refT'], Debye_T, params['n']) dpqh = (Eqh - EqhR) * (grueneisen / volume) pressure = p300 + dpqh return pressure _params_Decker_NaCl = {'V_0': 2.7015e-05, 'K_0': 24.02e9, 'Kprime_0': 4.7369, 'Debye_0': 279, 'grueneisen_0': 1.59, 'q_0': 0.93, 'n': 2., 'refT': 298.15, 'P_0': 0, 'Z': 4.} Calibrant.__init__(self, _pressure_Decker_NaCl, 'pressure', _params_Decker_NaCl)